Estava escuro... tinha medo... mas fez-se luz, iluminava-me e a tudo o que me rodeava. Era eu, foi o que aconteceu quando me descobri a mim próprio!

segunda-feira, janeiro 16, 2006

If I could...

If I could love you,
I would do it,
But I can’t
You don’t allow me
My heart can’t feel
What it feels

You don’t know
Why you are so unhappy,
I could tell you
But you wouldn’t believe me
I just want to love you
Forget all the past and
Start over again

For that I have to change
And you too,
I don’t promise you anything
Just you and me
Being ourselves is enough for me!!

Comment: Everything is possible, be yourself!

1 comentário:

bastard_o disse...

if "i could", i wouldn't be myself...